Leading from the Future
Differentiating between imagination, intuition and true inspiration, and harnessing the power of intention, this article looks at how we can create the practices, both individually and collectively, to listen to the whispers of the future, and then summon up the courage to act on what we hear.
Aug 28, 2020

Over the past year I have had boththe privilege and joy of running a programme called ‘Leading from the Future’ in Findhorn (Scotland), London (England), Auckland (New Zealand), and Portland,Oregon (USA). I have relished engaging with participants in deep, reflective and meditative ways and exploring the true nature of the future and how we can create the inner and outer practices to listen to its call.


One of the silver linings of the coronavirus cloud has been to give me space to step back and reflect on the broader frame of Leading from the Future and I am now happy to share these reflections here.


My proposition is that we need to create inner spaciousness, even in times of intensity and time pressure, in order to both digest our daily experiences and to open to the future. The future is not simply tomorrow – where we often merely recycle the past – but something fresh, new and creative. Differentiating between intuition, imagination and inspiration, and aware of the catalysing power of intention, we can feel the need for practices that support the development of each of these capacities in us.  Then we will be able to listen to the whisper of the future, which is always calling us, and act in accordance with the highest evolutionary movement of which we are aware.


Maybe reading this piece calls you?  Maybe there is an element of the future here for you?

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