Robin Alfred
BA (Oxon), PGCE, M.Phil (Cantab)
Executive coach, trainer, facilitator and organisational consultant

Robin worked as a trainer, educator and social work manager for 15 years in London, before moving to Scotland in 1995 where he founded the Findhorn Consultancy Service and then Open Circle Consulting. He has extensive experience of leading and developing groups and individuals across all sectors – corporate, public, and third sector. He loves to facilitate depth work, emergence and transformational fields.

Robin is trained in a wide variety of approaches to personal and organisational development including: Appreciative Inquiry, the Frameworks for Change Coaching Process, Process Work, Spiral Dynamics and Tools for Corporate Transformation and the Timeless Wisdom taught by contemporary mystic, Thomas Hubl. His facilitation work draws on insights from these disciplines as well as Open Space, World Café and other innovative processes to maximize the group’s collective intelligence. For more than 25 years, he has facilitated groups of all sizes, from 6 – 600, in all sectors. Robin has served as a registered facilitator for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and was part of the design and facilitation team for the 2013 UN Global Compact in New York. In addition he has designed and co-facilitated two major international conferences at Findhorn, Scotland - the New Story Summit (2014) and Climate Change and Consciousness (2019); and co-hosted 5 major Online Summits on Collective Trauma.

Robin’s clients include PwC, BP, Birmingham City Council, the National Health Service, ABN-AMRO Bank, RBS, Tasweeq Qatar, BAE Systems, Equal Exchange, UN, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace International, CDP, Weleda UK, FAI Farms, ARDO, Teach for All, Room to Read and The Wildlife Trusts.

Robin also spent 15 years as a Senior Programme Director for Olivier Mythodrama for whom his clients included: Microsoft, Nokia, Motorola, INSEAD, UN International Atomic Energy Agency, Daimler, McDonalds, UK Cabinet Office, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of Abu Dhabi, UK Office for Public Management, HM Revenue and Customs, London Institute of Education, and Bertelsmann University.

Robin has participated in many local and national TV and radio interviews and phone-ins relating to criminal justice, the Findhorn Foundation, and matters relating to business and sustainability.

His current areas of inquiry include:

Leading From The Future – what is the nature of innovation and genius? How can we create the internal conditions and external practices that allow us to listen to, and act upon, the whispers of the future?

Facilitating Transformational Fields – an individual is embedded in a system, and the system is embedded in a social field. How can we learn to sense the field and experience facilitation as a dialogue with the self-organising principle of a group?

Trauma Informed Leadership – we swim in seas of trauma (personal, cultural, trans-generational) and take as ‘normal’ ways of being, acting and responding that are actually shaped by trauma. Becoming aware of how trauma impacts and shapes our individual and organisational lives is a first and necessary step towards developing more agile, responsive and essential organisations.

Robin has been a regular contributor to The Guardian Online Sustainable Leadership Hub and has also published:

Black Workers in the Prison Service” (ISBN 0 946209 22 7), Prison Reform Trust, London. Prizewinner in Prison Reform Trust national research competition.

Beyond You and Me – Inspiration and Wisdom for Building Community’ ed, Kosha Anja Joubert and Robin Alfred (ISBN: 978-1-85623-038-4). Permanent Publications.

What’s the Best Day You’ve Ever Had at Work?‘ by Robin Alfred and Robin Shohet, published in ‘Building on the Best – Appreciative Inquiry in the NHS’ ed. John Edmonstone (ISBN 1-904235-49-2). Kingsham Press.

Daring Not To Know‘ – Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, November 2003

Working with the Inner Critic – A Coaching Story’ – Global Talent Network

Findhorn Foundation Consultancy Service Occasional Papers, (for which he is also the Series Editor):

– “Integral Leadership”

– “Appreciative Inquiry – the 5th D” (with Robin Shohet)